The Nissan Pathfinder has finally found its way back to the market. During its debut 35 years ago, users described it as a rugged, mid-sized off-road sport utility vehicle. The automaker had sold 2 million units at the time of writing this piece. The 2022 pathfinder will cause a buzz on the market with its redesigned rugged look. The new model will come with a range of changes set to make it stand out. You should expect all-new interior and exterior styling.

For the first time, the rugged Nissan will come with the second-row captain. Besides, it had CVT before; a nine-speed automatic transmission will replace that. There is nothing to worry about inclement weather since it comes with a range of tech options to take care of that.

What We Can Say

The truth is, the previous generation Nissan Pathfinder was not so much appreciated. The truth is, it did come with essential features such as incredible interior spacing. It also felt nice to drive. However, it failed to earn our favor.

Fuel Economy, Powertrain, and Style

Note that this is the first time Nissan has redesigned pathfinder since 2013. So, we should expect many improvements, especially in engine performance. However, the new model comes with the same proportions but has reimaged the SUV so that it looks a bit different. You should expect a broad flat hood alongside three slots between the grille and the hood. There is a triangle window behind its front door. This gives it the look of a small truck that has a covered cab.

2022 nissan pathfinder in Hawaii

2022 nissan pathfinder in Hawaii

The new model comes with the same vertical face and short overhangs; it also has a broad face that gives it the best look. The LED headlights are strategically placed to give you the convenience you need behind the wheels. You will appreciate that the latest pathfinder rides on 20-inch wheels, making it more stable and aggressive than the previous models. It looks like Nissan understood that the distinct triangular window was never appreciated, so they removed it.

However, they have added a triangular shape right between the back and the rear door. Nissan has blackened the roof of this new model, something that adds to its aesthetics. Its roof boasts a contemporary design and the five two-tone color helps exaggerate the floating look. On the inside, there are seven different environments due to the adventure gear. It helps mix and match material accents and options.

Driver-Assistance and Safety Features

There is a range of safety and driver-assistance features that the 2022 pathfinder comes with. Which include;

  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Automated emergency braking

The high-beam headlamps are also automated to enhance the safety of driving this high-end SUV. The Nissan pathfinder also features an autonomous driving mode, and they refer to it as the ProPilot Assist. This feature is standard on SL, SV, and Platinum trims.

How Much Cargo Can it Hold?

The pathfinder comes with three rows of seats, with a cargo space measuring 16.6 cubic feet. This is a lot of space compared to what its predecessors have. You can also split-fold the third-row seats to expand the whole capacity to 45.0 cubic feet.

If you like, you can also fold down the second-row seats. That will leave you with the largest cargo capacity of 80.5 cubic feet. You will have more than enough cargo space. With third and second-row seats folded, you can carry 4-foot by 8-foot plywood sheets without any problem.

More Interior Materials and New Screens

These days, everyone has a thing for bigger screens, and Nissan hasn’t disappointed you on that. The pathfinder boasts 12.3-inch digital dashboard, as well as driver screen options. You will also find a huge 10.8-inch HUD in the cockpit.

Look at the center upfront, and you will see an optional floating-style 9-inch touchscreen to enhance your user experience. About the interior design, the quality of materials has been greatly improved.

There is woven cloth and a range of new materials and colors to improve its aesthetics. It also has ambient interior lighting to top things up and make you want to spend more time in your SUV. Besides that, the 2022 pathfinder boasts a range of brushed bronze metallic accents.

Final thoughts

There are many things you will like about the latest model of Nissan pathfinder. The extra features it comes with include’

  • Blindspot intervention,
  • Heater washer nozzles,
  • Nissan Connect with Wi-Fi hotspot,
  • Heated leather steering wheel
  • Heated front seats.

Choose to buy this SUV and enjoy a limited warranty that covers a maximum of 36,000 miles or three years. The powertrain warranty, on the other hand, covers 60,000 miles or five years. While we have tried to be comprehensive with this review, we have left out many things. You can check back to our blog or contact us for more info!